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Monstera Deliciosa Plant

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Nicknamed the “swiss cheese plant”, the Monstera deliciosa is famous for its quirky natural leaf holes. A vibrant green beauty, it can give any interior space instant jungle vibes.

Measuring: 35cm in height.

Once it gets going it is truly impressive with large, glossy heart-shaped leaves which as the plant matures have distinctive perforated and deeply cut leaves.

Please note that the plant is sent out in a terracotta plastic pot, you can add a pot onto your order to make the gift extra special.

Home care: Keep it out of direct sunlight, ideally it likes a bright spot, and mist the leaves, particularly if the room is warm and dry. Also, the leaves will appreciate being given a wash sometimes to keep them clean and dust-free. This plant likes moist soil but not waterlogged soil, so in the winter feel the soil before you water it. In the summer you can water more freely.


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